1. Once registered, the user is allocated a unique Profile which is under their control and which can be manipulated by the relevant Profile owner using the various tools made available on the Website. Some of the features of the Website used by a user may automatically make adjustments or manipulate a Profile in accordance with the tool’s functions.
  2. Your Profile will also indicate all balances available, transaction history, all added beneficiaries, prevailing peer to peer rates and options to reset your pin.
  3. For further and exact information on the various Services currently offered by UHURU, or those specific to you, please consult the relevant FAQ pages on the Website or please contact who will gladly assist.
  4. In order to send money, you must first credit your wallet, without a positive balance on the app you will not be able to send money out. When sending to Zimbabwe you credit your wallet by depositing into our FNB, ABSA, Nedbank or Standard Bank accounts and when sending to South Africa you cash-out to one of our Ecocash agent/merchant account or one of our bank accounts. It is important to note that FNB to FNB and Standard Bank to Standard Bank transfers may take up to one business day to reflect. The same condition applies when receiving money from Zimbabwe. All clients paying out to South Africa will be required to do so from their own Uhuru wallets
  5. Agent Programme: Uhuru encourages all users that process transactions of ZAR15000 and above monthly to apply to be an agent. All users registered as agents will be able to transact on behalf of individuals at a lower rate than normal users. This rate will be displayed on their homepage. Agent profiles will be reviewed from time to time, individuals that fail to meet targets will be downgraded back to normal users. Those that do, however, continue performing well will be upgraded and will have more access to added services.
    1. Uhuru will provide its agents with some marketing content; however, the agent is allowed to produce their own as long as it gives correct, legal information and does not tarnish the company’s brand in any way. The same conditions stipulated in other sections still apply, agents should make sure they read and understand all clauses stated in this document.
    2. Referral terms: When registering a user can use the promo code “agent” and enter the referral contact of the agent that referred them. If a user registers using an agent’s referral contact their transaction will be processed ta the agent rate and the difference will be credited to the agent’s wallet.
    3. Agents will only receive the difference after referred client transacts, given that the client has entered the correct referral contact and promo code. Should the referred client register to be an agent this referral structure will not apply. Uhuru can change the referral fee at any time without notice. The referral fee you will be entitled to will be the amount that applies at the time that the referred client transacts.