Uhuru Wallet

A decentralized blockchain digital wallet

Mobile App Wallet

A decentralized blockchain based digital wallet.

Core Technology

Our digital wallet is built on the stellar network which connects banks, payment system and people.


Uhuru is backed by reliable institutions that guarantee liquidity and security for its users.

Our Blog

  • By UhuruAdmin Feb 20, 2020Evolution of money - HUNTING AND GATHERING At this stage everyone was primarily hunting and gathering for survival therefore one’s energy and skill were deemed to be their currency.  Money, as we know it today, was completely useless, if you would have given a man $5 million USD, he would have used it to fuel his fire. With everyone […]
  • By UhuruAdmin Feb 20, 2020Future of Payments - The future of payments Introduction    There has been an incredibly high mobile penetration in emerging markets over the last decade. Previously marginalised people can therefore now access financial services using mobile wallets offered by Telco’s as a result. People can perform person to person, person to merchant, person to agent transactions with mobile banking. […]
  • By UhuruAdmin Feb 18, 2020Why Blockchain? - What is Blockchain? Blockchains are distributed ledgers or shared databases in which data is stored as blocks on a network in real-time. When a block of data or information is recorded onto the blockchain by any user, this data is instantly and automatically duplicated onto all the other computers on the network. All participants on […]
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